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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ancient History: Just - Let It Go (Unreleased 1998)

We played a few gigs with Viloetine at the Punters club and were noticed by frontman/bass player Glen. He got us into Hothouse, Kiss and Sing Sing to do 4 tracks engineered by him & Matt Voigt, mastered by Ross Cockle. To me these recordings still sound really good, it's a pity we didn't go any further than the Arthouse. Not too long after I left Just to be full-time in Luxedo (bad move in a way...). Same line up of Joel, Shannon, Adam & Me.

1. Let It Go

2. Jason

3. But

4. Don't Sharpen Your Teeth On Me

Click here to download "Let It Go" 320kbps Mp3.

(Joel, Shannon, Adam, let me know if you want this removed)

Just - Jason by The Jimmy C
Just - Don't Sharpen Your Teeth On Me by The Jimmy C

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