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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ancient History: Fez Perez - Show Me Who's Boss

"Show Me Who's Boss" was my first time in the Studio with Fez. Recorded by Matt Gearing-Thomas at Farnsy's Gotham Studio in 2000 (I think). This is fun good-time party punk. We proved that music didn't have to be taken seriously and could still be good.

Mick Beard - bass lead vox
Screamin Stu Banko - rhythm guit & lead vox on "Six Pack Girl" & "Fifteen Years"
Matt Black - lead guit & lead vox on "Keep Your Clothes On"
Jamie "James Jr" Coghill - Drums

1. Mountain Of Snow
2. King Of The Lanes
3. She's So Cruel
4. Keep Your Clothes On
5. Six Pack Girl
6. Monkey Suit
7. Fifteen Years

(Matt, Stu, Mick, let me know if you want this removed)

Fez Perez - She's So Cruel by The Jimmy C

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  1. sorry but download link is dead now...((


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