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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ancient History: Just - Ask Me Later (MDS 1997)

Formed to enter the NAD Campus Band Competition and representing RMIT in 1996, Just surprised themselves by winning both heats, regional final (playing to a packed Espy Gershwin Room) and failing to win the national final in Canberra - for which RMIT had flown the band and put up for accommodation. With their winnings they made an EP, the only official release from Just.

Featuring me on drums (my first Melbourne band), Joel Sprake on rhythm guitar & lead vocals on "A Stroll In The Park", Shannon Smiley on lead guitar and lead vocals and Adam Green on bass.

We were young and it was the 90's.. what else could this sound like? We almost only ever played at the Arthouse.

1. Ask Me Later

2. A Stroll In The Park

3. I Choose To Run

4. The Serpent

5. (secret track "Nine")

Click here to download "Ask Me Later" 320kbps Mp3.

(Joel, Shannon, Adam, let me know if you want this removed)

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