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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jimmy C - Project E.G.O.

The Jimmy C - Project E.G.O. (2005)

The Debut album from The Jimmy C. Recorded in 2005 on 4-Track Cassette (using primitive computer software to make "reduction mixes" then back onto the 4-Track), this collection of Guitar Instrumentals with Blusey-Rock/funk/folk/punk/soundtrack tunes presents an eclectic sound of a Band still deciding weather they want to be instrumental or not. It's a few tentative steps forward in song writing for The Jimmy C, breaking away from the safe (mostly instrumental) music of early recordings and heading towards a much more "songy" sound. With 6 instrumentals and 7 and a half vocal tracks (track 12 is only half a song) the emphasis is still firmly on the instrumental side of The Jimmy C. Notable tracks are: "Deep Holy Love" with it's Prince meets Beck in a car accident Jesus-love funk, "Black Suits On The Beach" sounds like 1965 fuzzy Mosrite Ventures and "Gone Are The Days", a Calexico (ish) look at slightly depressing American Folk. This experimental debut surprised The Jimmy C more than anyone else and gave them the confidence to finally show other people (and the world) what they could do.

1. Black Suits On The Beach
2. Deep Holy Love
3. Freakout A-Go-Go
4. Sad Instrumental
5. Spooky Blues
6. You're Too Old
7. Movie Theme
8. Hey Hoe Wah
9. Five Days To Live
10. The Man From Devilrock
11. Gone Are The Days
12. Sucks To Be You
13. Footlong
(14. Bonus Track)

Total run time: 41:11

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