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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jimmy C - Hyde & Seek (Sound Track Album)

The Jimmy C - Hyde & Seek (Original Sound Track Album) (2009)
Hyde & Seek is the "original motion picture soundtrack" of the fictional 1960's spy thriller of the same name. The album (using instrumental songs and dialogue & sound effects) pieces together the story of special agent Roland Hyde - smug over-achiever turned double-O-agent. The main theme takes on various styles, from dreamy/psychedellic lullaby to beat club rave-up to jazzy walking bass spy-blues. Hyde & Seek, as a soundtrack album, suffers little from the lack of an actual motion picture, the music conjures the drama and the B-Movie style dialogue acts as an interesting segue to the variations on the main theme. Hyde & Seek is for fans of John Barry, Roy Budd and 60's spy movie soundtracks in general.

1. Hyde & Seek (Opening Titles)/Dialogue
2. Twisting With Roland (Discotheque)3. Theme From Hyde & Seek (Love Theme)/Dialogue
4. Roland Hyde 1: Hyde on The Beat/Dialogue
5. The Latin Quarter
6. Roland Hyde 2: Follow Me
7. Powder & Silk (Night Club)/Dialogue
8. Regression
9. Overdose/Dialogue
10. Count To 99 (Main Theme)
11. Roland Hyde 3: Street Beat/Dialogue
12. Chase Through The Carnival
13. Roland Hyde 4: Return To Base/Dialogue
14. Hyde & Seek (Closing Titles)

Total run time: 26:53

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