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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jimmy C - Glamour & Fame

The Jimmy C - Glamour & Fame (2009)

Glamour & Fame is a breakthrough album for The Jimmy C. It marks the end of a 2 year recording session (lunch breaks and weekends mostly) which produced all the songs for Glamour & Fame, the entire Hyde & Seek soundtrack album and another album's worth of leftovers. The production on Glamour & Fame merely hints at the low-fi garage sound of the earlier albums, this time The Jimmy C sound like they were recorded in a real studio with a big budget (though it's really home recording on no budget with minimum gear). This is music for people with low attention spans (or ADD), short, fun, catchy, concise songs averaging about one-and-a half-minutes in length. Kinks, Zombies, Turtles, Left Banke & Beach Boys influences pop out here and there but the sound is wholly original. It's as difficult to place into a specific genre as a Ween album, diverse in style as Supergrass and not far removed from either band's ethic of make the music that you want, not make the music others want. Each tune segues into the next making the flow of the album bring you up or down as it pleases. In some places the songs flow into each other like a classical suite like a "concept album" but The Jimmy C don't hold with such self-indulgent ideas, they simply hit their goal of making short enjoyable tunes of no fixed genre.

1. Come On Down Riverside 0:56
2. Don't Cry 1:45
3. Bad Wolf 2:34
4. I've Got So Much Nuthin' (I Must Be Somethin') 1:36
5. Just A Fool 3:22
6. (untitled) 0:35
7. Maybe Next Year 2:03
8. Dead Songs For Dead People 1:33
9. Ghost Of A Man 1:34
10. Sonora Desert Theme 2:02
11. Kings In Town 2:12
12. Sunny Day Segue 0:33
13. They'll Understand 2:25
14. A Certain Sadness (part 1) 3:44
15. You Look Like A Loser 0:21
16. The Back Roads To Ruin 2:24
17. La Mariana 2:34
18. A Man Of My Word 1:46
19. Come On Down Riverside (instrumental) 0:57
20. Oh My Soul It's Rock 'N' Roll 1:33
(21. Untitled Gap)
(22. Bonus Track)

Total run time: 39:41

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