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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Posters, and some controversy.

I do enjoy making posters. Particularly when the internerd has so many inspiring images to offer.

Here's another selection of posters for The T.V. Set and one for The Devilrock Four.

I don't consider half naked ladies to be an entirely controversial way to advertise a product or event. The history of the universe is packed full of examples of just such advertising, some successful and tastefully executed and some simply an attempt to see what people can get away with.

A few weeks ago some posters I slapped together for The Devilrock Four were torn down a week before the gig by what was described as "a group of angry feminists". I've posted the most daring of these below (the ones vandalised by the feminists actually showed less nudity). I will let the readers of this blog decide what is controversial.

Speaking of controversy, I was surprised to have the rest of The T.V. Set veto my latest work for them. This is also posted below for anyone's enjoyment. After the surprise of unwittingly designing something so shocking I tried a few different ones to make sure one would get through.

Click 'Read More" to see the more revealing designs, and click the image to enjoy it embiggened.

(Apologies to any angry feminists)

And the one that was too risqué for a cover band:

I would have understood completely if it was this one they were worried about:

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  1. I'm struggling to see what these have to do with a tv set.

    This would have been a much more appropriate picture:


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