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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The T.V. Set poster art (mostly).

Excuses, excuses... Well, The Jimmy C hasn't been very active in recent months and though I fully intend to record all 30 something of the new songs hastily thrown down onto 4-track cassette, there are still a few lifestyle distractions to contend with before I do. A son and daughter have both been born since I last sat down to some serious recording time and work on the new "Casa De Kensington" home recording studio is still a few months away from completion. It's one of those situations where I'd love to get stuck into making the new album (and the next) but have to wait until the time is right. I wonder if Brian Wilson ever had this problem... (Ha! He's comparing himself to Brian Wilson - what a wanker!).

Just to prove I haven't been doing absolutely nothing (and still like design), here's some posters I slapped together for a cover band (unpopular covers played for enjoyment not profit) I play drums and sing a few songs in.

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