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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recommended Listening... (links to downloads)

I built this blog to promote & share The Jimmy C, but I think it's time I shared some of the music that made The Jimmy C. The links in the following go to other people's blogs who are sharing someone else's music. I take no responsibility for the quality of the mp3's or the various breaches of copyright. If you like the music in the links below, buy a real copy - it sounds and feels much better!

The Left Banke - Out of print genius.

The Turtles - Hard to find and awesome. Also look for the impossible to find "Turtle Soup" expanded CD.

The Move - I love The Move. Roy Wood is a genius madman and the introduction of Jeff Lynne only made their music a different kind of genius... all the way through to ELO's 3rd album.

Tomorrow (Featuring Keith West) - This is just plain AWESOME!!! Holy shit balls this is good.

The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Double holy shit balls I love this album so much. It's XTC being totally inspired by all things nuggets and british psychedelia (see Tomorrow above) in the mid 80's! Only The Dukes & Tom Waits were immune to the 80's - making amazing music that sounds like it was recorded yesterday or 40 years ago... Follow this link to XTC's Skylarking - sounds a little more 80's but one of the best albums ever. EVER!

Harry Nilsson - What a dude. Harry is cool. He broke up John & Yoko with him & John's drinking sessions. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (1971) is an awesome reworking of his first 2 albums. He manages to make "Over-produced" a positive thing.

I haven't followed all these links to see if they result in a decent quality download. I own all these albums in various formats and I recommend you do too.

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