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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Jimmy C - The Jimmy C (self titled) Free Download!

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My second album is much more garage rock oriented record with only 1 proper instrumental track. Another very limited run of 50-80 hand made copies given to friends & colleagues. I think I learned to write proper songs with this album, it's a more "Songy" set of tracks compared to anything I'd done previously. It was recorded with less borrowed gear and has a nice low-fi hard edge to it. I've had less comments about this album than the first album but I like it better than Project E.G.O.

Here's a review:
"The self-titled second album from The Jimmy C presents the listener a more rock sound with breakthrough innovations in Low-Fi recording - still using only 4-Track cassette and stereo digital polishing. The Jimmy C are even more "songy" this time around, yet still very eclectic with only 2 full instrumental tracks. The Ennio Morricone tinged "El Deserto..." paints a broad desolate vista and make a perfect soundtrack to a never-realised spaghetti western. The vicious stumbling "Your Corpse Is A Whore" (brutal title!) falls off the back of a drunk & beaten horse and walks straight into the poppy "I Want Her", but as if to make sure we don't think The Jimmy C are taking themselves too seriously, they've thrown in "The Ballad Of Myron Bunt" & "The Ballad Of Byron Munt" both roughly 20 sec long and showcasing the sillier side of country music. The song "Hi-Fi In Low-Fi" was pieced together from "Optigan" rhythm loops (see:
) with guitar and percussion added on to the loop track. As a bonus at the end of the album they've put the all 16 tracks of the previous album ("Project E.G.O") playing simultaneously. "The Jimmy C" is another difficult album to nail to a genre. If you liked "Project E.G.O" you'll certainly like this one or, if you like the music of Ennio Morricone, Crazy Horse, The Zombies, The Supersuckers and Ween you may be mildly offended by this album."

1. The Boy In The Suitcase
2. Your Corpse Is A Whore
3. I Want Her
4. Tie One On
5. El Deserto De Los Muertos
(from the film - "Il Deserto Dei Morti" (The Desert of The Dead)
6. The Ballad Of Byron Munt
7. Start All Over
8. All Nite Ride
9. Sending Home The Dead (Acoustic Version)
10. Sending Home The Dead
11. The Ballad Of Myron Bunt
12. I Want Her (Short Version)
13. Inside Wrongside
14. Hi-Fi In Low Fi (Featuring The Optigan)
15. Ten Second Funk
(16. Bonus Track: The Project E.G.O. album)

Total run time: 32:20

The Boy In The Suitcase by The Jimmy C

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "THE JIMMY C" (self titled album 2006) - art is in the zip file.

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