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Monday, June 28, 2010

Only For The Hardcore.

Here's a small, hastily recorded collection of demos of new songs I'm considering for the follow up to Glamour & Fame. They're mostly rough 4-Track cassette demos recorded in lunch breaks or when I have 5 mins to put an idea on tape. My 1 year old son Harvey can be heard in the background on some tracks - on "As The Night" there's a bit where he climbed up my leg & burped at me during the lead vocal track.

Leather & Bone (Demo) by The Jimmy C

Pardon Me Jesus (Demo) by The Jimmy C

The Road To Fortune (Troubled Days) by The Jimmy C

As The Night (Demo) by The Jimmy C

Hey Esmarelda! (Demo) by The Jimmy C

Lets Spend Time Outside (Demo) by The Jimmy C

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