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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jimmy C is HERE!

The Jimmy C - The False History:

The Jimmy C were the 60's music scene's best kept secret. Influenced by the beatles look-alike image, The 5 members of The Jimmy C actually travelled to Stockholm to have reconstructive surgery by controversial Dr. Vaughn Schleppenheimer in February 1962 to all actually look alike. Once this proceedure was complete, silent partner & wealthy benefactor James Alistair Coghill put into action his plan to launch his creation to the top.

Unfortunately he missed and they landed somewhere in the middle. After only a year of trying, Coghill became restless and very publically severed his ties with the group by committing suicide on a busy London street. The initial effect was lost on the group since they were from Melbourne, Australia, and didn't actually learn of the tragic accident until after their first album & single went 1 locally.

They continued without their mentor and had moderate success throughout the sixties: various charting singles, good attendance at performances, select apprarances on the popular music TV shows... though rumors started to spread that James Coghill had in fact faked his death (in spite of thirty-five eye witneses who saw him decapitated) and was writing all their material and controlling the progress of the group. So little is known about Coghill that many believe him to be an invention of the group (recent articles in music press & web blogs even claim it's all just the invention of a 32 year old Melbourne man with a 4-track tape recorder) though more likley the group were capitalising on the public suicide to further their career.

By 1968 the group decided to split. They all felt that they had gained all the success they would and were creatively spent. The five Jimmy C's went their separate ways, some continuing in solo careers others branching out into film & accounting. Their identical appearance has made it impossible to know which did what and rumors suggest they would swap occasionally.

Their recorded legacy was all but lost until recently, at a charity auction, the indipendant record company "Shrunken Head Records" bid for some luggage from the estate of George Harrison (Harrison claimed to know The Jimmy C and even says he played with them). In the Luggage - 3 old suitcases mainly containing floral baithing trunks & hawaiian shirts - were 1/2" master tapes unlabled and in no order of The Jimmy C. The people at Shrunken Head went to work on the tapes and from any recorded evidence, pieced together the two available albums: "Project E.G.O" and "The Jimmy C".

The Jimmy C - The True History:

The Jimmy C is a recording project for Jamie Coghill, mild mannered drummer for The Devilrock Four.

James Alistair Coghill was born on the 2nd of June 1977 in Yackandandah (home of the best Neenish Tart in the universe), Victoria, Australia. Some time around 1990 Jamie decided that he wanted to play drums. He had lessons at Beechworth High School for a year then gave them up in favor of playing along to Creedence, Deep Purple & Led Zeppelin tapes in his bedroom.

In 1992 Jamie's family relocated to Albury. "Los Bastardos" (1994) and "Incubus" (1995) were Jamie's first official bands playing mostly grunge covers with a enough originals to avoid being classed a cover band. They played only a few pub and university gigs. After graduating High School in 1996 Jamie & fellow band member Alex Ling moved to Melbourne. Here Jamie met Shannon Smiley and joined "Just" with Adam Green and Joel Sprake. They learned 4 songs and entered the National Campus Band Competition representing RMIT. To their surprise they won both their local heat and the Victorian final. "Just" were flown to Canberra and lost the final unfairly to "78 Saab" (the Canberra entry). "Just" produced an EP with prize money from the competition and were given distribution through Mushroom Distribution. "Just"'s sound was mostly indie/shoegazer rock with some very heavy moments.

At the same time as "Just", Jamie was asked to fill in on drums with "Luxedo". "Luxedo" at the time consisted of Tom Carlyon, Mike Conolan, Emily Martin and High School friend Alex Ling. Clashes between "Luxedo" and "Just" forced Jamie to join "Luxedo" full time. "Just" had settled for being an 'Arthouse' band (only playing at the Arthouse on Elisabeth St) but "Luxedo" were playing international supports (RL Burnside), Big Day Out festivals and TV appearances (ABC's Recovery and channel 10's Ground Zero) with their adjusted line-up which excluded Alex and Mike and added Dan Brodie on bass. "Luxedo" recorded 2 albums: "Beauty Queen" (released on CD & Vinyl through Corduroy) and "You Really Suck" - engineered by Tony Coen (Nick Cave/Beasts Of Bourbon) and produced by Charlie Owen.

In 1999 "Luxedo" embarked on an east coast tour with "Six Foot Hick" and "Fez Perez". Jamie was slowly growing unhappy with the Attitude of "Luxedo" and spent much of the tour hanging out with "Fez Perez". Jamie was kicked out of "Luxedo" for not taking drugs and quickly joined "Fez Perez" (Stu Banko, Mick Beard & Matt Healey). "Fez Perez"'s reputation grew quickly and soon they were playing international supports (El Vez, Southern Culture on The Skids, Supersuckers, The Reverend Horton Heat, Royal Crown Revue) and music festivals like Offshore, the Falls and the Big Day Out. "Fez Perez" recorded 2 EPs "Show Me Who's Boss" and "Starring: Fez Perez". Tension between the band and their management drove Jamie to quit in 2003.

After a short period of bandlessness, Jamie met Carl Treasure, Jonny Driver and Stu Walsh who were looking for a drummer. They formed The Devilrock Four (a name chosen by Jamie). Jimi Richardson quickly replaced Walsh and the band recorded their debut album "First In Line". Several songs have appeared on TV shows (Big Brother, Canal Road, Guerilla Gardeners) they toured England and Spain in 2008 and signed with German Management InDevent and Unconform records in 2009. The Devilrock Four continue to play nationally and internationally and are set to record a new album.

Since the late 90's Jamie had been writing and demoing his own music. Only very rarely did his songs make it into the bands he was playing in. As an outlet for his own song writing Jamie began to learn and record songs, playing all the instruments and singing. In 2005 Jamie had a collection of songs that he deemed worthy and "Project E.G.O" was released (50 copies distributed free to friends). It received positive feedback and convinced Jamie that this was something he should continue doing. Another independently produced album "The Jimmy C" was completed in 2006 and again given away free to friends. Between November 2007 and August 2009 Jamie worked on weekends and during lunch breaks (Jamie maintains a day job as a graphic artist which is a constant hinderance to his music) to record "Hyde & Seek" the fake 60's movie soundtrack and "Glamour & Fame" - his first album to have a full manufacture of 500 copies. "Glamour & Fame" will be available after the 18th of September 2009. A new collection of demos is slowly growing into another album but with the birth of Jamie's son Harvey on the 13th of May this year he thinks the recording process may slow down a little in the short term.

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